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    While we are experts in helping find Bowen practitioners and training organizations, we don't provide therapy or training.   We are glad to help identify other existing online resources for discussion and it is up to the visitor to determine the appropriateness and accuracy of the information.     [Disclaimer]

    Bowen Therapy Technique Discussion Forums

    Other Discussion Forums

    • Access to Health Care
      United States National and by state access to health care discussion with a section for how other countries provide better health care for less than 1/2 of of the US health care cost per person.
    • Healing Sage discussion forum
      "A Place for Discerning Healing Professionals and Enthusiasts"
      A very new discussion forum and it is not specifically about the Bowen Technique. However, I really like how they have set things up and we wish them the best and encourage you to stop by and tell them the Bowen Directory sent you.

    Important Disclaimer is not affiliated with any  therapeutic or teaching organization. Neither do we specifically endorse the trainings or teaching of any organization. We do not endorse any practitioner.  We only provide a directory where Bowen practitioners can be located.  You take full responsibility for the practitioner you choose, and or training you participate in.  Bowen Directory can not be held responsible in any way. 

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